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Get Involved with Femfessionals

Femfessionals provides unlimited opportunities for members to connect, interact and conduct business with our community of ambitious professional women. Furthermore, we highly support community involvement and philanthropic causes. We invite you to become active in your community via a variety of outlets as a Femfessional impacting your FemCity with an authentic commitment for its betterment.

Femfessionals - Be a Guest Speaker

If you are interested in being a guest speaker, please email your FemCity President. Please be sure to include details of your background, proposed topic of discussion and the reasons why you think you would be a great guest speaker. Amongst other things, each guest speaker is:

  • A woman that is a success in her own right, i.e. in her profession, as a leader in the community, as an entrepreneur, etc.
  • An admirable person that represents the ideal Femfessional

The topic must be inspirational and have a core lesson(s), i.e. an educational component in the form of tips, lesson learned and/or practical advice based on her experience.