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Vivid Dream Psychotherapy P.A.

Julie Moore is a Licensed Psychotherapist. She holds licenses in Marriage and Family Therapy in both Florida and California. She was educated at Loma Linda University in Southern California, and has worked with many professionals in her field. She now brings her practice to South Florida, where she focuses not just on healing past wounds, but on expanding the soul. Julie works creatively and intuitively; art, play, writing, expressing, and risking. These can bring about profound change within a person. Julie has a passion for Gestalt Therapy, as its emphasis is on wholeness and living authentically. It’s not just about changing behaviors, but changing the person. When we change our mind, we transform our life.

  • Posted By: Jeannie Joysmith
  • Miami
  • |
  • Mar 8th, 2012
  • |
  • 6:02 PM
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