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Femfessionals - Blog FAQs

My FemCity is a place for women to endorse and promote other women. We created the concept because we come across so many amazing working women and companies on a daily basis. Naturally, we came to the conclusion of providing a forum to gather endorsements from the women in our communities {the perfect AHA moment}.


My FemCity is a division of Femfessionals with the same mission but a different canvas.


It's simple. Click on Endorse & Promote and fill out the form noting the Fem or Fem Business to be endorsed, the company's website and your brief synopsis of her {or it's} femfabulousness.


You may endorse any woman and the business she is connected to or any woman-owned business.


Even if the Fem you want to endorse isnt't the owner, you can still endorse the business and the Fem. As long as the woman featured works for the business noted, she can be endorsed.


No, you don't have to be a member to post an endorsement or to be endorsed.


Of course not! Posting an endorsement on My FemCity is completely complimentary. We are creating a movement of women endorsing women on a global scale, so please share the news!


We are elated to hear that you love My FemCity {we do too!}. The best way to get involved is to spread our mission and our site. Post it, tweet it and share it with every woman you know. The more women that know about My FemCity, the more women get endorsed and promoted in our communities. {It's really a win-win}


Great! Advertising on My FemCity is a smart choice to get your brand noticed. Our do-it-yourself ad component is provided at no additional cost and allows you to create a fabulous ad to share the news of your company sponsoring our site.


Your posted endorsement, upon approval, will appear in the FemCity and industry classification you selected. Please allow up to 48 hours for your post to appear due to volume and the need for all posts to be approved. All posts and comments are approved by our editorial team {please check spelling and grammar and be sure to flatter and promote!}.


Yes, so long as you provide an email address, the endorsed Fem {or Fem Business} will receive notification of your endorsement.


No. My FemCity is about the goodness in our communities and the women tied to the companies featured. {Please refer to the Femfessionals Mission for a refresher}


Any Fem in our community has the potential to be endorsed. The next time someone says, "I love working with you" or "thank you for your help, it's been wonderful to work with you," ask them to endorse you on My FemCity {provide your Femfessional pitch with a My FemCity focus!}.


Thank you for your submittal. We are thrilled you have taken a moment of your time to say something amazing about a fellow Fem. Disapproval of a post may be because of the following: an error in the post, an item needed in the post was missing, misspelled words, inappropriate grammar, perhaps it wasn't as positive as it could have been or the same or similar post was submitted within the last 30 days and was approved. {Please try again}


My FemCity is about authentic endorsements. The My FemCity concept is to promote many women in our community and their businesses. It's not about one, but about all. If you have just endorsed someone and would like to add something, please post a comment to the original post. If you reconnect with the same person or business at a later date and would like to post something new, feel free.


The My FemCity Challenge is a personal challenge we assign to the Fems in our community. The challenge is to strive to endorse and promote the femfessionalism you encounter on a daily basis on My FemCity. Seek out the goodness, promote, endorse and change the world {the Femfessional way of course}! We would be honored if you were to accept the challenge...see you at MyFemCity.com!

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