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Hi all!

I have exciting news . . . a wonderful restaurant is coming to Mount Pleasant Towne Center called Burtons Grill! Check it out at: burtonsgrill.com

I have had the pleasure of relocating the General Manager and Executive Chef to town and as a result am lucky enough to be able to invite friends to the VIP party. It will be a real treat (literally and figuratively) so if any of you are interested in receiving an invitation please email me your snail mail address privately. The party, (a freebie) which will require an RSVP so the Burtons folks can plan, will be held in in the first week of August. Invites will go out shortly.

Burtons serves lunch and dinner and has a great bar for socializing, as well as a party room for private gatherings. It's going to be awesome!

I hope to see you there!

Warm regards, Ellen