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Femfessionals - A Community of Professionals

Welcome to FemCity Philadelphia

In 2009 I moved from Miami to Philadelphia. In my fundraising role for a national nonprofit organization, I built relationships with individuals and corporate supporters to benefit America’s youth. Throughout my fundraising career, I experienced great joy and pride in connecting philanthropists and corporate brands to a powerful cause with meaningful impact.

In moving to the northeast I also went from year-round sun and sand to four distinct seasons with record-breaking winters (two years in a row). But during this time, I have discovered that Philadelphia is an entirely under-rated city. Where else can you find the roots of American history and presidential sites, intertwined with one of the largest urban parks in the country, and 3,000 murals painted on walls around the city?

Philadelphia is full of special gifts and surprises. We have things like the annual Army-Navy game, and the Christmas Light Show and Wanamaker Organ Concert at Macy’s - a Philadelphia tradition that dates back half a century. There’s the Love Letter Train Tour which leads viewers on an urban trolley adventure to discover 50 rooftop murals weaved into a love story. The city and suburbs host a robust calendar of gala events to support a plethora of charitable causes.

Upon discovering all these gems, I hadn’t found a professional group of like-minded women. While a number of great business groups do exist, I was looking for something a bit more unique - something modern, with a fresh brand and with warmth. Having not quite found it, I’ve taken matters into my own hands to bring Femfessionals to Philadelphia. As Sara Henderson said, "Don't wait for a light to appear at the end of the tunnel, stride down there and light the bloody thing yourself."

So in the spring of 2011, as walkers, bikers and kayakers were welcomed by a sea of brilliant pink blossoms on 1,000 cherry trees throughout the city, we launched FemCity Philadelphia. FemCity Philadelphia connects ambitious business women who want to contribute to the success of others around them and benefit our community as a whole. It is my hope that you’ll join us.

Cheyenne Palma Founding member , FemCity President

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