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Welcome to FemCity Boston

Boston as a city is quite the anomaly- we’re extremely proud of our past, yet we’re one of the most innovative cities around. Many of our country’s forefathers fought for independence here, and that’s not something we’ll ever forget. We carry on their legacy through our fierce loyalty to our city even today.

I was not born here. I hail from Baltimore, a town considered “the south” by most New Englanders. Yet while I may not have grown up here, Boston is where I truly blossomed. When I first arrived in Boston to attend Boston University’s College of Communication, I had a lot to learn. I’m proud to say that many of my best “teachers” were not faculty members, but strong, entrepreneurial minded women who I met while interning and gaining experience in my field.

It’s because of these strong female role models that I am so passionate about Femfessionals and FemCity Boston. I’m excited to build a community of likeminded women and bring them opportunities to help each other succeed.

Alana Brooks Founding member , FemCity President

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