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Femfessionals - A Community of Professionals

Welcome to FemCity Raleigh

Greetings Fems,

As president of the newly combined Raleigh-RTP chapter of Femfessionals I am pleased to welcome you all to our brand new endeavor. We listened to your ideas and concerns and have decided that our area is big enough for one chapter. The name might have changed, the chapters merged but we promise the same quality and commitment you received before. (I promise, no one will be voted off the island). The New Year brings new challenges and offers each of us the opportunity to grow, not only as individual but professionally, and as a group. I have never been around a group of truly talented women such as yourselves and can’t wait to take our FemCity to the next level. To be fair, the decision to combine chapters was not an easy one to make. I honestly wasn’t expecting this news any more than you! What a Fem-Tastic feeling to be approached by our Legal Consul and our CEO & Founder with this great opportunity to lead our Fair City. Now these wings are spreading and you’re all going to be flying high just like how I feel right now!

Femfessionals is a place where innovation and imagination reign supreme. From its very beginning, our organization has always been guided by the principles of “passion” and “ambition”. Passion is our inner goddess that is let loose when we connect with each other locally, nationally and virtually. Ambition is our beauty that drives us to continuously succeed to promote our brand and each other. You all have my personal and professional commitment that through Femfessionals robust social media, partnerships and sponsorships we will promote your brand and elevate you personally and professionally. Our Board of Advisors is hard at work on ways to improve business and growth opportunities as well as planning upcoming events. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for announcements If you have been to previous events, you probably know me or have heard about the absolutely FEM-TASTIC teasers and raffles?! I’m thinking 2013 we should have Bermuda and South Beach on our list… Well, I love subtle, sweet and innocent teasers, so feel free to share some with me and we will be excited to share them.

In closing, I will quote the late Zig Ziglar “If you go looking for a friend, you’re going to find they’re scarce. If you go out to be a friend, you’ll find them everywhere.”

Femfessionally yours,

The Raleigh Team