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Femfessionals - A Community of Professionals

Washington DC
Welcome to FemCity Washington DC

“Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts. That's what little girls are made of; the heck with sugar and spice.” ~ Bethany Hamilton

We’re kickin up our stilettos and rockin the nation’s capital with the power of women.

In 2011, I pressed restart - packed up my life in upstate New York, relocated to DC and pursued my passion to make a dent in the universe with my best friend, Michelle May. She had a vision but no name and I said, “This is crazy – let’s do it.” Soon after, I was approached to launch a business community for professional women in DC and I said, “Awesome. I know three people in DC, let’s do it.”

Fast-forward to the present. I’m proud and honored to be co-founder of what is now Womin Media with Michelle - the brains behind this magical movement. We celebrated one year in August and now we’re the dynamos creating sparks. Womin Media is a woman-owned media, marketing and management company with a bulls-eye focus to create innovative, interactive and inspired programming and experiences for today’s woman and we are changing the face of women’s entertainment.

Simultaneously, we spearheaded FemCity DC, an invigorating haven for determined, diverse and dynamic women interested in sharing ideas, cultivating relationships and fostering social wellness through Femfessionals signature events such as: cocktail connections, around town socials, pink collar business workshops and social media. I say “we” because I couldn’t do it without Michelle, my VP along with the strength and passion of my executive FemCity DC board. They Rock!

In October 2012, a powerhouse of fearless women gathered in Washington, DC to launch FemCity DC with international fashion-designer now philanthropist, Kay Unger and Tigerlily Foundation founder, author and breast cancer survivor, Maimah Karmo. It was an intimate evening of interaction and inspiration that continues to echo as we proudly celebrate our first year as the DC chapter of Femfessionals. Some of our other notable events include an evening with local filmmaker, Heather Gwaltney and a sneak peek of her latest documentary, Ageless; a G-spot workshop with DC’s top dominatrix (oh yes we did) and a few of the FemFab crazies band together monthly for local DC 5k’s like the Lozilu Mud Run, The Ridiculous Obstacle Course and the Bad Prom Race.

As I look back on this extraordinary journey one year later, a bevy of memories flood my mind. Oh yes there was the blood, sweat and tears thinking I just inhaled a hornet’s nest – but I pulled up my big girl panties, strapped on my badass boots, stomped through the hornets and continued feverishly to unite and support my sisters through FemCity DC and Womin Media. That being said, my most vivid memories include the vast amount of remarkable women I’ve met along this journey. You know these women – they are the trailblazers, the glass ceiling breakers, the pioneers, the doers, the thinkers - filling the air with scintillating energy leaving you flabbergasted that you are actually sharing the same air with them. You know these women because you are these women.

We are determined. We are diverse. We are dynamic. We are FemCity DC.

So I invite you to pull up your big girl panties, don those fabulous heels and join us in the FemCity DC revolution. This is a remarkable adventure you don’t want to miss!

Femfessionally yours,

Kristina Krawchuk, President, FemCity DC


The Washington DC Team