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Femfessionals - A Community of Professionals
Femfessionals - A Community of Professionals

There are many ways to get involved with Femfessionals: as a member, sponsor, advertiser, partner, FemCity Ambassador, FemCity Board Member, guest speaker, FemCity President, My FemCity contributor and/or philanthropic activist.

If you have a femsational suggestion or recommendation, please feel free to contact us. We enjoy receiving new ideas and innovative suggestions from our community. If your interest is city specific, such as becoming an Ambassador, please email your FemCity President.

We look forward to your involvement with Femfessionals and welcome you to our community.

Femfessionals - Member Testimonial
  • I have spoken about Femfessionals in every city I have visited since and to every woman I have met! It really was my favourite event to date and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting every single Femfessional...I do hope you will keep me posted for London 2011...there are a few Londonettes who I am certain would enjoy membership! Congratulations on creating such a wonderful organization.

    Victoria Christian

    Clive Christian