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Femfessionals - A Community of Professionals
Femfessionals - A Community of Professionals

There are many ways to get involved with Femfessionals: as a member, sponsor, advertiser, partner, FemCity Ambassador, FemCity Board Member, guest speaker, FemCity President, My FemCity contributor and/or philanthropic activist.

If you have a femsational suggestion or recommendation, please feel free to contact us. We enjoy receiving new ideas and innovative suggestions from our community. If your interest is city specific, such as becoming an Ambassador, please email your FemCity President.

We look forward to your involvement with Femfessionals and welcome you to our community.

Femfessionals - Member Testimonial
  • I've received several client referrals through the Femfessionals network and they have all been solid referrals to key decision makers within their respective companies. What I love about Femfessionals is that everyone in the organization, from the founders to the members, is genuinely interested in doing business with one another, building meaningful relationships and connecting the dots between your business and someone who can help you. For me, the key to successful Femfessionals connections is all about the follow up. We may meet over lunch, but we connect later to get to know eachother and find out how we can work together and refer business. (Sounds like a dating service! :)

    Serena Minott, Esq.

    Minott Gore, Miami, Florida