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About Femfessionals

A Femfessional is a savvy business woman characterized as positive, open-minded, driven, professional, ambitious and desirous of forming strong strategic connections with similar minded professional women to benefit each other personally and professionally and to benefit their community. Not only is she motivated to succeed, she is passionate about the success of others around her. A Femfessional is giving of herself and more than willing to help when she is needed. She wants to make an impact in the world, starting with the betterment of her City, and grow as a business professional and a woman. She is quite remarkable!


Welcome to Femfessionals!

Femfessionals was created for and continues to be driven by a community of dynamic business women. We bring women together, in a positive and uplifting way, regardless of religion, political affiliation, industry, ethnicity, to genuinely support each other in business, community activities and life. We provide resources and platforms they need to grow their businesses, revenue and connection circles. Become a Femfessional and join our movement today. Women are by nature supportive and with the support of their fellow sisters, women are unstoppable. This is our movement. For young ladies to professional women, our Femfessionals creates communities within communities where women support and promote each other unconditionally.

Our projects:

The Pink Collar Business Center: This is The NEW Pink Collar. The term, coined back when society tried to place limits on what women could achieve, originally referred to lowly administrative or waitressing jobs. Now that we've taken our rightful place in the corporate world, we're revolutionizing the concept. No longer a pejorative term, it's our slogan for success: a call for women to forge their own careers and -- at the same time -- use their innately feminine, connection-building skills to help each other rise to the top.

Collegiate Fems: Collegiate Fems creates platforms, resources and opportunities for college women:: interviewing tips, proper business etiquette, making connections, community engagement, workshops and mentoring are all major components of this innovative program.

Mini Fems: Mini Fems is a program geared towards girls ages 12-17 and their mothers or the women in their lives {Mini Fems Connection Brunches & Outings}. The events will instill inspiration, education, and community involvement. Mini FEMS creates future Femfessionals, the future leaders in our communities.

Femfessionals wants to help all women succeed in life and in business with the genuine support of their fellow sisters. We fosters this movement through our local communities, initiative & projects and our online network.

Femfessionals, making your journey less turbulent and to help you "have it all" {insert your own definition here}.

Femfessionally Yours,