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About Femfessionals

A Femfessional is a savvy business woman characterized as positive, open-minded, driven, professional, ambitious and desirous of forming strong strategic connections with similar minded professional women to benefit each other personally and professionally and to benefit their community. Not only is she motivated to succeed, she is passionate about the success of others around her. A Femfessional is giving of herself and more than willing to help when she is needed. She wants to make an impact in the world, starting with the betterment of her City, and grow as a business professional and a woman. She is quite remarkable!

Femfessionals - Our Company

Jessica Passman, COO & General Counsel, graduated Cum Laude from the University of Miami School of Law in 2003. Dedicated to providing the highest quality legal representation with a personal touch, Jessica set out and achieved the launch of her own law practice Passman Law, P.A., a boutique law firm offering a unique ability to be agile, innovative and highly responsive while serving the legal needs of its clients amidst the unique and evolving legal environment. Jessica specialized in transactional law, more specifically, commercial real estate transactions, business law and other areas involving the drafting and negotiating of contracts.

Jessica's passion has always been to operate her own business while somehow contributing to improving the lives of others. That is why she couldn't be happier with the particular door that her legal background opened, which has led to her current {and fortunate} role as Femfessionals' Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel. In this role, Jessica is responsible and accountable for the organizational development and overall operation of the company. Jessica was introduced to the concept of Femfessionals, before the company was even formed, by Founder and CEO Violette Sproul. She knew from the moment they met and began discussing the fundamental business "idea" of Femfessionals that she had to be an integral part of its development. Jessica had been in search of a business venture that would spark her passion and entrepreneurial spirit. One in which she could grow with as well as assist in making a social impact. For Jessica, Femfessionals was it!

As a forward thinking company, Femfessionals continues to create innovative benefits for its members as well as exciting and beneficial additions to its services. The company aspires to, and will, change the professional lives of women by enabling women worldwide to reach their ultimate potential via platforms, venues and outlets to promote and connect their businesses locally and globally. Femfessionals also strives to change the mindset of women to promote and help each other in business and in the community. Jessica is grateful to be an integral part of such an amazing company and invites you to join her rapidly growing family.

Jessica currently resides in Coconut Grove with her amazing husband and son {the love of their lives}. 

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