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About Femfessionals

We invite our members to share with us their amazing and inspirational testimonials of the femstastic connections within the femfessionals community. Please contact us and share with us your femsational stories of success and accomplishments.

Find out what people are saying about Femfessionals

  • I have spoken about Femfessionals in every city I have visited since and to every woman I have met! It really was my favourite event to date and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting every single Femfessional...I do hope you will keep me posted for London 2011...there are a few Londonettes who I am certain would enjoy membership! Congratulations on creating such a wonderful organization.
    Victoria Christian, Clive Christian
  • Femtastic! Femfessionals, keep up your femsensational work on behalf of professional women which I am sure will "catch on" worldwide.
    Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, US Congresswoman
  • Congratulations to Femfessionals and its commitment to unite women and instill connections to our community.
    Lourdes de la Pena, Florida State Commissioner for the Status of Women
  • Congratulations to Femfessionals for their success and what an amazing organization that unites women through the business world and positively impacts the community.
    Alex Sink, Former State of Florida's Chief Financial Officer, Miami, FL
  • Just wanted to tell you what a fabulous job you and your team have done with "Femfessionals". Your teams' vision and unrelenting persistence for excellence in women has changed and continues to transform Miami and its professional women into a world class city!!! Cheers to YOU and your team! Keep going!
    Amy Deupi, The Polo Life, Miami, Florida
  • My first time, fantastic, FEMtastic!
    Kerri Carrington, President, Brandscape Atelier LLC, Philadelphia PA
  • Thank you for organizing this great chapter of Femfessionals. Very impressive group and presentation. I appreciate the professional nature. As I mentioned last night, I’ve attended many women’s networking groups and did not find my “niche” until now!
    Beth Dillaha, Certified Health Coach Blueprint 4 Weightloss , Orlando, FL
  • I've received several client referrals through the Femfessionals network and they have all been solid referrals to key decision makers within their respective companies. What I love about Femfessionals is that everyone in the organization, from the founders to the members, is genuinely interested in doing business with one another, building meaningful relationships and connecting the dots between your business and someone who can help you. For me, the key to successful Femfessionals connections is all about the follow up. We may meet over lunch, but we connect later to get to know eachother and find out how we can work together and refer business. (Sounds like a dating service! :)
    Serena Minott, Esq. Minott Gore, Miami, Florida
  • We have an amazing President - you have made this a fun and beneficial organization to be a part of. I have truly enjoyed all aspects of it and am so grateful to the new friends I have made... it's FEM-tastic...oh yes I did! :) I mean it... this group has been so great for Simplicity as a company, me as woman professional and me as Anne who needs a fierce group of women to keep me motivated and moving forward my career - all the while feeling cared for!
    Anne Kuester Steppe , Professional Organizer and Director of Enthusiasm Simplicity, Professional Organizers , Charlotte, NC
  • I confess, Femfessionals is one of my favorite professional groups in the Greater Philadelphia area. As a window fashion professional, it is crucial for me to form partnerships with fabric stores, decorators, realtors and many other home fashion related businesses. FemCity Philadelphia is THE networking group that has successfully helped me achieve this strategic partnership goal. I love surrounding myself in the positive, supportive energy at each Connection Lunch and I look forward to building more partnerships with all my Fem fellows in this coming year.
    Lekhanh (Lea) Tran, Distinctive Designs , Philadelphia, PA
  • I joined Femfessionals last November with the intent to receive referrals from other members to increase my real estate business The organization has given me something more powerful than a buyer, seller transaction lead, it has given me motivation to be a better business woman. There or so many amazing women in the group and everytime I attend a connection lunch and hear everyone's 30 second pitch I become so inspired. I leave each lunch energized and more eager to grow my real estate business. Because of all the inspiration and motivation that I received from Femfessionals, I have decided to add a buyers agent to my team and increased my initial goal for the year. I am looking forward to making more connections with Femfessionals, growing more personally and professionally and servicing the referrals from my fellow fems. Thank you Femfessionals!
    Nicole Klein, Realtor Keller Williams Main Line Realty , Philadelphia, PA
  • I am proud to be a member of FemCity Philadelphia. The people in this group are phenomenal. Within one short year, I launched two business partnerships and am working closely with another half dozen. Either I give them business or they support mine.I want to thank Femfessionals for creating this group. You are the best!
    Lea Tran , Founding Member & Owner Distinctive Designs , Philadelphia, PA
  • Femfessionals is a breath of fresh air with talented, intelligent and energetic women with a great outlook on life. It is what Philadelphia has been waiting for. It's a pleasure to be a part of such a dynamic group of women.
    Sophia Stogiannis, Partner at Water Works Restaurant, Philadelphia, PA
  • I just wanted to thank you for bringing Femfessionals to Fort Lauderdale. I'm a young female professional in a male-dominated profession and I truly understand what it's like to take a few inappropriate comments and stares in return for a shot at some revenue. I'm really looking forward to the quality of connections that are cultivated at Femfessionals events and hope to be in touch with you again.
    Dr. Sadie Sanders, Chiropractic Physician, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • I am the Finance Chair of the FemCity NYC chapter and am really enjoying the momentum of the group! It's unlike any other professional network for women.
    Sally Reyes, Credit Corporate Analyst Citi , New York City, NY
  • New to organization; enjoyed a room full of very talented women!
    Mary LeFeve, Vice President of Sales at Hub International, Philadelphia, PA
  • I have to tell you I have never felt so comfortable at a networking event before. What a great speaker and great group of women. Normally I dread networking events but now I can't wait for August. Thanks again for a great event and looking forward to the next one!
    Gretell Alfonso, Esq. The Griffith Law Firm, P.A., Coral Gables, Florida
  • I believe Femfessionals is not only a business network but a conglomerate of amazing, inspiring, and for sake of a better word, just wonderful women. I am grateful to be a part of it.
    Cybele Chamas, President of Corpo Yoga Studio, Miami, Florida
  • Great vibe, great people!
    Jessica Laverty, Marketing Director for Jones Lang LaSalle, Philadelphia, PA
  • Thank you for creating a female focused platform for our company to network. I had so much fun and made great connections!
    Stephanie Fink, Miami Center of Excellence for Obstetrics & Gynecology, Florida
  • When I went to my first femfessional lunch I was scared to get up for my 30 second Femfessional Pitch...and now I did a 40 min presentation last night. Thanks for the push...you are part of my growth...you have been an inspiration...I look at you and know I can do it too.
    Maria Elena Holguin, A.S.I.D., Holguin Interiors, LLC, Miami, Florida
  • I can't thank you enough. I am a very proud Femfessionals & will continue to help in whatever way I can. I have met really amazing inspiring women & though this I've been able not only to grow my business but also grow into great friendships with many of you.
    Sheena Eizmendiz, Mind Therapy Group, Inc., Miami, Florida
  • I just wanted to say I am very excited and thankful Milwaukee is getting an organization such as Femfessionals!! I've been here a little over 2 years now and still feel like I haven't completely found my place. I feel that this is definitely going to make it happen:)
    Dani Christen, Makeup Specialist Neroli Salon and Spa, , Milwaukee, WI
  • I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the support of femfessionals as a locally female owned business in the Charleston area.
    Maria Baldwin, Founder Our Local Foods, LLC , Charleston, SC
  • I just joined Femfessionals after attending a luncheon in Boston. Normally I dread these kind of events and I am generally not a joiner. This, however, felt different, and I found the atmosphere to be warm and inviting. The women in attendance were sincere, intelligent, successful, fun loving and very interested in helping others. I am excited to be part of this group and look forward to making lasting friendships with such extraordinary women.
    Nancy McHugh, Founder & CEO Plan B Experts , Boston, MA