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Femfessionals provides unlimited opportunities for members to connect, interact and conduct business with our community of ambitious professional women. Furthermore, we highly support community involvement and philanthropic causes. We invite you to become active in your community via a variety of outlets as a Femfessional impacting your FemCity with an authentic commitment for its betterment.

Femfessionals - Write For Us

Welcome to MyFemCity!

MyFemCity is a blog for Femfessionals dishing out the best advice {Femfessionally speaking of course} on the businesses in our communities {best restaurants, boutiques, creations, various lifestyle businesses, etc.}, while of course featuring the amazing women tied to those businesses. Femfessionals promotes women in business and MyFemCity is a resource that allows you to do the same. Take the MyFemCity Challenge and take note of the women you interact with on a daily basis, the places you frequent and love with details of the amazing Femfessionals connected with those businesses.

Is there an up and coming female couture designer that you simply adore? Fem about it on MyFemCity. Did you have the most amazing service at a local restaurant because of a sensational waitress? Fem all the details on MyFemCity! Did you purchase a new car, and the saleswomen was uber impressive, fem it! You are now armed with MyFemCity and are ready to promote and connect your community by sharing your day-to-day happenings and consumerism {aka fem-sumerism}. It’s gratis {membership not required but logging in is}!

{Fem (verb) to fem or fem·ming: defined as to write, post, share and promote about a Femfessional or FemBusiness}

Guidelines: Your submitted editorial must feature a woman or woman-owned business. Please click on the link below to complete the following form {be sure to check grammar and spelling}.